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The rise of women in the workforce

Today, there is a quiet change taking place in the American workforce. The revolution is in the rise of women in the workforce – both in the number of women employed and positions of seniority. Sarah Sladek of XYZ University has assembled the data and an infographic has been produced by I have also

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What is the main expense in social media marketing?

Social media may be free, but as marketing on this digital platform grows more sophisticated, it also gets more expensive! A recent report from the Social Media Marketing University found that largest expense in social media budgets is staff, accounting for 37% of costs. So, how do they spend their time? 60%  of respondents report

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What do patients expect from mHealth?

Patients expect mHealth to change their healthcare experience. Expectations are high, but do they truly know what mHealth is? And what is it that the general public is really expecting it to do? Defining mHealth :: mHealth is defined by Price Waterhouse Cooper as, the provision of healthcare or health-related information through the use of

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Who is the healthcare consumer?

Hospitals are discovering it’s not enough to deliver quality care to remain competitive. Today’s knowledgeable healthcare consumers, especially younger patients, consider brand reputation and patient experience before their physician referral. Hospitals need to communicate their competitive position and deliver the expected patient experience to connect with younger generations. This is a new expectation for healthcare

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