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May 2010

Social media is bigger than you think

Social media is bigger than you think

Is Social Media a Fad or the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution?

Social Media Facts ::

  1. Social Media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on the Web
  2. 1 in 6 higher education students are enrolled in online curriculum
  3. The fastest growing segment on Facebook is 55-65 year-old females
  4. Generation Y and Z consider e-mail passé…In 2009 Boston College stopped distributing e-mail addresses to incoming freshmen
  5. The #2 largest search engine in the world is YouTube
  6. There are over 200,000,000 Blogs
  7. 25% of search results for the World’s Top 20 largest brands are links to user-generated content
  8. 34% of bloggers post opinions about products & brands
  9. 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations
  10. Only 14% trust advertisements
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