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May 2010

5 reasons to use social media for your hospital

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Recent research shows that marketing firms actively use social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to promote their doctors. But simply posting what your CMO had for lunch isn’t going to do much to help move your business forward. Smart hospitals are tactically using social media tools to increase their exposure to potential customers or patients or referrals.

I’ve compiled a list of the most compelling reasons why you should consider using social media to promote your hospital.

1 :: Brand Recognition
Using social media allows your hospital to reach the highest number of potential patients or referrals possible. Getting your name out there is incredibly important – studies have suggested that consumers need to hear a company’s name at least seven times before they will gain the trust and respect needed to become a client.

2 :: Reputation Monitoring
Having a social media presence allows you to better understand what current patients are saying about your physicians or service-lines. Through active social media monitoring, you have the opportunity to address negative comments and correct false or inaccurate information about your brand.

3 :: Generate Site Traffic
By updating regularly on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with posts that link back to your site, you can create additional traffic to your site. Social media bookmarking tools like Digg, Stumbleupon and Slashdot can also generate additional traffic to your site if you create frequent articles and blog posts.

4 :: Increased Search Engine Rankings
Social media profiles frequently rank highly with major search engines. Using brand names and keywords in your profiles can help you to generate traffic for your social media sites and company homepage. Search engines like Google and Bing are increasingly interested in indexing and ranking posts and other information from social media sites. Videos from popular Internet sites like YouTube can also be optimized for indexing by the major search engines.

5 :: Niche Marketing
Social media allows you to reach very specific subsets of individuals based on their personal preferences and health interests. You can create social media strategies based on reaching individual interests or even create unique social media profiles to target these audiences.


Nice list, Nicola. One more idea: to contribute accurate health information to the online community. There is so much misinformation out there. Physicians can play an active role in educating the public, and in doing so build their reputation.

Good read Nicola. Wondering when public health programs will incorporate social media training into their curricula.

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