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September 2010

30 Second SEO Tutorial

This is a short and simple guide to Search Engine Optimization [SEO]. Follow these quick tips to get on the road to rank your website or blog. Good luck ..

[1] Find related keywords ::

Make a list of words relevant to your healthcare specialty or website theme.  Choose words that will attract people and carry out your business objective.

[2] Add the keywords to the page title ::

Your page title is the most important aspect of your website. Search engines evaluate your title to determine what is on a webpage. Add your keywords to the page title.

[3] Add the keywords to the URL ::

Choosing a URL is important. Search engines view the text in your URL to understand the web page. Use your keyword in your URL.

[4] Add the keywords into the meta data ::

Gather up your keywords and add them into the page description. The blurb should be easily read and short.

[5] Add the keywords into your H1 text ::

The H1 text is usually found at the top of your webpage. Search engines review this and add importance to the H1 text words.

[6] Use the keywords in your page content ::

Try to fit your keywords organically into the text of your page to notify search engines that the content is actually relevant to the theme.

[7] Monitor your results ::

Check Google and other search engines to test your rank and to see test if your SEO is working.

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