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January 2011

MBA [mis]stereotypes

Are MBA’s finance nerds in glasses and pocket protectors?

No. I didn’t think so … this post discusses the background training, perceived strengths and weaknesses of MBA candidates.

Training :: Perceived Strengths :: Perceived Weaknesses ::
Engineers [like myself!] Good quantitative skills, process oriented & low risk of poor academic performance Less developed communication and interpersonal skills and weak writing skills [probably true in my case!]
Consultants [I’ve never known what exactly their background was!] Smart, well-grounded in fundamentals with good exposure to business situations Limited management experience but many qualified applicants to top schools with similar experience
Financial Analysts Good quantitative skills with a solid understanding of business analysis and research Limited management experience but there many qualified applicants to top schools with similar experience
Entrepreneurs Hands-on understanding of how business works with high energy, proactive participants and not many in applicant pool Impatient with classroom environment and limited interest in business theory
Human Resources Professionals Interpersonal skills and understanding of employee related issues with strong team players Weak quantitative skills with a less competitive approach may create academic pressure at top schools
Salespeople Great “in the trenches” experience and superb understanding of the customer with strong interpersonal and communication skills Limited exposure to management and sales, sometimes not viewed as training ground for management
Artists, “Poets” Strong creative skills with very unique backgrounds increase classroom diversity Weaker quantitative skills with very limited business exposure and unfortunately questionable fit and academic risk
Military Personnel Strong leadership; excellent discipline with hands-on management experience Inflexible and may have trouble adjusting to a less hierarchical business environment
Accountants Good numbers; understand language of business and background helpful for most classes Quiet; may not participate much in class but unfortunately not perceived as creative

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