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March 2011

Why market to Physicians?

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Physicians have become steady online and smartphone users. They are tapping into the internet to research conditions, procedures, medications and to stay on top of industry news.

As a result, online promotion to healthcare professionals is growing in its importance, specifically as it relates to helping doctors care for their patients, teaching trainees and performing their jobs more efficiently.

As the market is adopting to the influence of the web, healthcare marketers are seeking new ways to build trust and relationships with clinicians without traditional face to face meetings, we try to connect with docs via social media, instant messaging and even video skype.

We are working hard to integrate our offerings into the digital tools and venues that clinicians already trust and use but to utilise these tools for business purposes. As healthcare marketers, we are trying everyday to tap into new media without being perceived as unwelcome guests. It is a daily struggle but one I am willing to continue.

Time Spent Online for Professional Purposes by US Physicians 2002, 2006 and 2010

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Physicians are spending twice as much time online for professional purposes than two years ago, in 2008 according to a survey by Manhattan Research from April 2010.

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The challenge is not whether to market to physicians OR that they spend more time online these days or not. Providers are the lynchpin in the health care transaction – they write the scrips. But, they have less and less influence on how the patient is managed. This influence is now shared significantly with the payer and the patient. The key is to try to get these three in alignment. Marketing to docs online or wherever else they are makes sense but keep in mind that the patient does not live in the office. So what happens when the patient leaves the office is what really when health care is managed.

Melissa Tizon says:

Hi Nicole, thanks for sharing the chart about how physician online usage has grown. 8 hours per week is a lot of time for a doc. Good info.

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