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December 2011

5 differences in traditional & social media

Social Media is the new kid on the block. The old ladies on the street are afraid of it. But could social media have a “nice” side, one we would invite for tea on Sunday afternoons? Lets talk briefly about what exactly the differences are between traditional media and social media?

[1] limited geography [1] extensive geography
[2] limited shelf life [2] extensive shelf life
[3] limited timeframe [3] unlimited timeframe
[4] limited impact [4] unlimited impact
[5] one way conversation [5] multi way conversations

Cool comparison there Nicola. Indeed social media has an advantage over traditional media.

Erick Kinuthia
Team MDwebpro

I find this comparison very useful and accurate based on the fact that Twitter has build my Blog readership to numbers I never dreamed of and worldwide in terms of geography. It is now Google translated into eight languages.

Also, I have begun to use it on a two way conversation basis with useful and interesting results.

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