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June 2013

6 tips to successfully use Twitter in business


46% of Twitter users are college grads and are between the ages of 18 to 34.

If this is a demographic you try to reach for your business then you have to know how to market on #Twitter.


[1] Share the load

A good approach to ensure a steady stream of retweets and interactive message from your company Twitter profile is to employ – not one, but several users, to represent your brand. As well as lessening the pressure on you, this strategy will extend the amount of content, conversations, and also make them more believable.

In addition, having multiple staff messaging on Twitter ensures an ongoing, steady stream of tweets in the event a team member transitions to a different company!

[2] Time it right!

Do some research to understand the best times your businesses tweets are read and shared. You should use your analytics to know your community trends. Tools, such as Timely will analyze your last 199 tweets and find the best time to post them. All you need to do is to enter your Twitter username and you will get the report with 4 best CST times.


[3] Share valuable information

Dont be shy! One of the best attributes of Twitter is its ability to spread your message to a large number of people in a short amount of time – did I mention for free? Within seconds your brand message can be shared with a whole community. The more valuable the content of that tweet – the more likely it will be retweeted or pass along.


[4] Encourage employees

Your employees are you brand ambassadors – they are free marketing tools for your business. Encourage them to participate in your social efforts and spreading the news about your business and its culture. Its a good idea to provide social media training to your staff so they act and react with the proper etiquette to external business connections. A unsolicited brand recommendation from a family member or friend leads to much a higher conversion rate of purchase. All the marketing in the world cannot compete with this trusted relationship! So, lets utilise all our resources and retain employees at the same time.

[5] Utilise industry hashtags

As well as improving SEO and searchability of your messages, hashtags are a powerful way to send out your branded content to a wide and specific audience, outside just your own followers. Research current hashtags or create a your own to promote your updates. Healthcare specific hashtags include #hcsm #hcmkg #socialhc #WebMarketing

Twitter Tip :: When your staff members are at an industry event encourage them to participate in the hashtag stream. They can tweet about their experience at the event, retweet other people’s event experiences and when appropriate, tweet links to your company’s blog, your research updates or event trends.

[6] Utilise URL shorteners

The maximum count for a Twitter message is 140 character. This isn’t a lot of room and there is little room for unessential information or excessive self-promotion – neither of which I encourage! To achieve optimal social sharing messaging with Twitter, try using URL shorteners such as This is my favourite service, not just because I have more room to type but because I can utilise the built-in analytics such as click rate, dates, times and demographics.

Twitter today

  • 40% of people who sign up for accounts remain active users
  • 46% of users are college grads
  • 92.4% of Twitter users follow less than 100 people, while 0.94% of Twitter users follow more than 1,000 people
  • 5% of Twitter users account for 75% of all activity
  • 76% of Twitter users use the internet wirelessly
  • The busiest hour of the day for tweets is 8pm EST, with >1.4 million posted
  • Wednesday and Thursday are the busiest days of the week
  • The largest Twitter age demographic is 18-34, at nearly 50% of users




Fantastic post, Nicola! These stats will hopefully encourage businesses to become more intrigued with Twitter. – Sarah Reinbolt

Patricia Pickett says:

I just sent this to several of my clients with a note that it is “the most clearly and concisely written thing i’d read on Twitter for business.” Awesome — way to break it down!

Thanks for the post. I have to learn more about how to use hashtags. I still don’t get them 100%.

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it help you to build business awareness on twitter

Great post Nicola!

Thanks Nicola, I’m with Patricia on the way that you broke it down in a way someone could understand. I’ve read a lot of articles on the best ways to use Twitter, and I just couldn’t seem to get anything out of them.

Again, thanks

Perry Mink

Nicola, I’m new to twitter. the info you just provided has filled a big hole in my knowledge. it will help my small business. next i need to learn more about “industry standard hashmarks.” i forecast more googling in my life:) many thanks! cheryl z

    Nicola Ziady says:

    Best of luck, Cheryl! Reach out if you have any questions. Ill try my best to help. Kind regards, Nicola

ShakerChamber says:

Great information-I try to get our members more involved in social media. We tweet regularly but these were wonderful tips!! Thank you.

Thanks for the tip on URL shorteners.

Hi Nicola,

I really enjoyed your post and think it is a great resource for companies looking to get started in the social media arena.


Jason Boies
Community Engagement, Radian6

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