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June 2013

Create engaging content for your hospital

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Its hard to figure out what patients want to hear. It’s harder still to create content that they’ll connect and respond to! Effective healthcare marketing should start with great content.

Want to be impactful but you can’t even start
Most of us get hung up on what we are trying to say and how we say it. That’s normal!

Whether you need a starting concept, or you are just plumb out of ideas, this article will help  you develop content that will educate, engaged and impact your patients.

+ Request feedback in your hospital emails. Utilize surveys to solicit comments. Patients will tell you exactly what they want.

+ Start a conversation on your social sites. Engage your followers and fans. Create a conversations stream, sit back and draw content from the interactions.

+ Go offline! Novel idea, I know! Chat with patients face to face in the waiting rooms or the lobby. Think outside of your computer!

+ Re-purpose existing content. As hospitals, we have drawers and hard drives full of old b-roll, press releases that were never picked up and fact sheets that can be revived, revitalized and reused.

+ Review old emails. We have all had successful email campaigns, ones with great open and click through rates. Use them, infuse them and reuse them!

+ Take content from your old print materials. Translate it into the top 3 languages in your locality and post it in Spanish, Arabic or even Urdu!

+ Revisit your FAQ page. This is a bounty of useful information about your hospital that you have probably forgotten about!

+ Create a keywords search report from your website. Patients search for what they cannot find … or what is not already there! Its a great way to identify holes in your content.

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