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September 2013

Be your own brand journalist

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Despite the massive reach of the healthcare industry, most providers are focused on a local market – with local media coverage. Maintaining a robust and proactive media relations program is vital for the reputation of a hospital. However, reduced staffing at news outlets and the decentralization of media channels can make that challenging.

Be your own brand journalist

We know in healthcare, content is king. Younger consumers are using EveryDay Health, WebMD and Google as a primary care source of health information, and older patients are researching their latest pain, procedure, or searching for a specialist.

The movement to online health information search is not limited to just consumers. A University of Georgia study found that most communications and journalism graduates depend on digital forms of news content. Reporters are on social media sites and looking for ideas and information for their stories. As a proactive provider, you need to be there with them.

Write your own stories, create and post interesting and educational infographics, produce short engaging videos with patients and send out wellness tips on your blog. Connect with your reporters, either at the local or national level, on  Facebook and Twitter and give them recognition and kudos for a topic they covered.

Remember, reporters will find you if your content is interesting, relevant, timely and published consistently.
Having trouble creating compelling content, take a look at this infographic from CopyBlogger.

How to write compelling content

How to write compelling content infographic by CopyBlogger

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