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September 2013

Build beyond your bubble


As women, we naturally gravitate towards others who share common interests, goals and beliefs. But by doing so, are we limiting our spear of influence and exposure to new ideas?

If you want to network outside your normal click try the following ::

1. Rethink your conference calendar. Try to attend one new conference per season in a field that you have an interest in but little experience.

2. Push yourself outside your safe circle. At networking events, dont just spend time with your colleagues. Talk to new people. Seek out fresh faces and strike up a conversation.

3. Look inside yourself. Reconnect with passions that you may be side tracked because they didnt fit your corporate agenda. By doing this you will be reintroduced to people and ideas far removed from your current experience. Who knows, this may provide you with new self insight!

"Business is socialising with purpose" by Gaping Void

“Business is socialising with purpose” by Gaping Void

Source ::  Harvard Business Review “Five Tips to Break Through Your Filter(s)”

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