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September 2013

Is digital marketing living up to its potential?

The potential of digital marketing continues to grow as big data gets even bigger and is multiplied by mobile and social. On paper, online marketing should be more precise and efficient than traditional marketing.

So why is digital marketing still so ineffective?

A study from the Direct Marketing Association found that direct mail is still the most effective form of marketing communication. According to their findings, direct mail offers response rates of 1.4% compared to 0.22% for paid search, 0.04% for online display ads and only 0.03% for email! Surprising, right?

To level-set, digital ROI is better than traditional marketing and for one reason :: ITS CHEAPER! Cheaper allows for more emails. More emails makes more “noise”.  For example, nearly 145 billion emails are sent out daily but 94 billion of these are spam! Banner ads, pop ups and other disruptive marketing are growing and this is only going to get worse.

Should we re-think our digital marketing and put the “return” back into ROI?

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