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September 2013

Work comes 1st, personal brand comes 2nd

There’s a lot of marketers these days talking about “personal brand” and “personal reinvention.”Do you know your story? How are you managing it? What’s your competitive advantage? Et cetera. Et cetera.

The problem with this type of buzz is that it can often put the cart in front of the horse. Your personal brand will mean nothing if you don’t know what you really care about or what you are really good at and the only way to find that out is to put into your work.

In other words, you can blog about all sorts of strategies and trends, but if you don’t know the skills that set you apart from everyone else, your efforts will be worthless.

My favourite social commentator, Hugh McLeod, said it best. “… eventually, you need to start being you. And then – you need to get really good at it.”

My advice is “Brand comes from work. Not vice versa!”

Gaping Void on personal branding

Gaping Void on personal branding

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