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October 2013

Get your hospital marketing team to think like a start-up

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Teams in large hospitals, or health systems, can buried in bureaucracy. It takes a big time and resource commitment to execute projects when waiting for approvals. But, you can eliminate the bottle necks by helping your team think and act like entrepreneurs.

To spur the start-up sentiment, try the following ::
1. Experiment.
Charge a key individual on your team to stealthily advance a project without promoting it.
2. Broadcast.
Share the results with leaders in your hospital and encourage them to support the project.

Saras Sarasvathy, University of Virginia Darden School of Business, conducted a study of entrepreneurs and found  interesting results. Instead of starting with a predetermined goal,  entrepreneurs allowed opportunities to emerge organically. Rather than focusing on the best ROI, they agree on an acceptable loss and instead of seeking the optimum solution, they seek acceptable ones.

Fail fast-forward.
Entrepreneurs embrace even negative results. They are grateful and learn from surprises, obstacles and disappointments. Unwelcome outcomes provide the impetus to make a new service or product better or it points to an entirely different opportunity—before too many resources and hours are invested.

The take away is that entrepreneurs don’t just think differently but they act differently as well.

Entrepreneurs act swiftly. Instead of planning the future they try to create it!

This thinking should not be limited to entrepreneurs working outside the bounds of healthcare systems.

Get your team to think like a startup

Get your team to think like a start-up

Source :: Harvard Business Review “New Project? Don’t Analyze — Act

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