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October 2013

How to focus leadership attention when you present

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Hospital leaders are among the toughest crowds to present to. They are incredibly busy, so they will not sit still for a long presentation with a big reveal at the finale. Often they will just interrupt before you get past slide 3!

Here are some tips on how to earn their attention, respect and support.

1. Summarize at the front. Lead with the information your audience really cares about [high level findings, conclusions and recommendations]. Then share supporting data, trends, numbers. Add a short overview of key points at the front of the deck and use the rest of your slides as an appendix. This may seem like a missed opportunity to share all the work and time you have invested on the project but … it will pay off!

2. Set expectations. Tell them that you will spend the first few minutes on your summary and the rest of the meeting will be on discussion. Even the most impatient executives and clinical staff will be more likely to let you proceed through your main points uninterrupted if they know that they will get to ask questions soon afterwards.

"Engage" leadership with advice from Gaping Void

“Engage” leadership with advice from Gaping Void

Source :: Harvard Business Review “How to Present to Senior Executives

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