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January 2014

7 golden rules of web writing

If  you are creating a new website, or just refreshing your existing site, you are probably only too aware of how tricky it can be to get the copy spot on for online users. Its a very different task to writing for print and something of an “art”, I have already learnt! So, after much drafting and re-writing I think I got it right!

Follow these seven rules when writing content and visitors to your site will thank you.

1. Know your reader
:: Who are you writing for?

2. Use the reader’s mental model
:: Think like readers, not like your department

3. Keep your content short and simple
:: The internet is NOT for ‘creative writing’

4. Write active contact
:: Too much verbiage muddies meaning

5. Use headlines and subheadlines
:: Many headlines make reading much easier

6. Link to other content
:: It is easy and very helpful to link to other relevant pages

7. Edit your content. Then edit again
:: Aim to remove 50% of what you started with

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