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January 2014

Companies Need to Be More Human

It’s time for companies to focus less on maximizing shareholder value and more on becoming human again. Embracing your organization’s humanity will move your company from the mindless management of numbers to the creation of customer and employee value, which ultimately will make your shareholders — the real ones who care about long-term performance — happy, as well.

Companies can achieve this by accomplishing three things ::

  • First, they should spend more time, energy, and resources to find out what their customers really want.
  • Second, they need to do a better job of treating their employees as people who need to be nurtured, not costs that need to be kept in check.
  • Third, they need a motivating purpose besides the achievement of financial goals.
The Daily Idea from Harvard Business Review

The Daily Idea from Harvard Business Review

Original source ::  In 2014, Resolve to Make Your Business Human Again by Scott Anthony. Anthony is the managing partner of the innovation and growth consulting firm Innosight.. His most recent books are The Little Black Book of Innovation and the new HBR Single, Building a Growth Factory. Follow him on Twitter at @ScottDAnthony.

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