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January 2014

Being a Good Fit for the Job Trumps Your Skills


Some newly-hired senior leaders have a tough time when they start at a new organization, and they often fail to meet performance expectations. The main reason for their problems, according to a new study of 320 leaders across 36 companies, is that their leadership styles, personalities, and experiences don’t jibe well with their teams.

How well are executives prepared to rise to that challenge?  Less than 20% of C-suite leaders had confidence their executives could stand the test.

This is why hiring committees should expand their search criteria by placing more of an emphasis on fit. Rating candidates on their knowledge, values, career experiences, and leadership style is a good place to start.

The Daily Idea from Harvard Business Review

Original Source :: For Senior Leaders, Fit Matters More than Skill by Jean Martin. is the executive director of the CEB’s Human Resource practice.

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