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April 2014

Best healthcare social media campaign

How do you get allergy sufferers to buy your drug?
With cute animals, of course!

ZYRTEC partnered with JWT New York to create FURTEC :: the very first virtual pet walking experience for the game-playing, pet-loving allergy sufferer.

This is a Facebook App that allows people who are suffering from allergies and stuck inside, to walk their pet without going outside.  The cyber-simulated walk allows users to upload a picture of their pet and explore a “park” in a virtual, outdoor world, all within Facebook.

When the interactive, and electronically exhausting journey ends, the app highlights the absurdity of the experience and how you should actually get outside, take some ZYRTEC, and do the real thing.

There’s nothing more ironic afterall, than taking your fake pet on a fake walk in a fake park. Enjoy!

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