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April 2014

What is the future of marketing

The Naked Brand is a 2013 Bloomberg documentary, about how corporations can make small changes and help save the planet one small step at a time.

This video is an introduction to an exciting new future where companies tell the truth and work hard to create better products and a better planet.

Corporations have massive influence on the world we live in but this has  given them free reign to pollute, collude and mislead us … but advances in technology are rapidly making them accountable not just to shareholders, but to everyone.

Now that we have constant access to the truth about the products we use and the ethics of the companies behind them, big brands are realizing that looking great isn’t enough. It’s time to actually be great.

Watch this video and join the transparency trend.

The video features ::
Bonin Bough    Vice President of Global Media and Consumer Engagement at Pepsi Cola
Porter Gale     VP of Marketing/Virgin America
Tony Hsieh     CEO Zappos

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