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May 2014

How to create great health content?

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As more patients are searching online for medical information, it’s important to create great health content. A recent panelist at the Search Engine Success New York conference shared 5 tips I think are worth considering for health content on your hospital website. Here’s a recap of the list from Byron White, Chief Idea Officer, ideaLaunch.

1. Develop a content marketing plan

Many digital marketers just dive in without any type of plan. This is always a mistake Before going any further, you need to get organized and understand next steps. Decide what health content you want to feature and the resources necessary to make it credible.

2. Find the hot topics and keywords

By understanding the industry and leveraging tools, you can discover topical and trending topics to include as part of your health content mix.

3. Develop customer profiles for testing/research the competition

Building consumer profiles and peer market research allows you to draw upon a knowledge base when creating health content to stand out from the competition while also connecting with your audience.

4. Infuse your brand with great health content

Identify your content as your brand (and your brand is your content).

5. Create stories

People connect with stories more than just product pages and lists of features. Tell stories and connect with prospects at a much deeper level.

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Hi Nicola, I really appreciate you blog. You certainly have hit on my sweet spot as far as the industry my business is build to support. We help facilitate technology adoption in Medical Practices with 10 or fewer physicians. Thanks for the information, keep up the good work!


While I agree with quality content I wonder if that is what people are searching for.

Most users we encountered at have a specific medical question that is related to their age, gender, symptoms, current medications, prior medical history, family history, height, weight etc.

Users can ask a medical question with these details and can get specific answers from medical doctors at

Let me know how to improve improve SEO with out adding generic articles.

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