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July 2014

What is the main expense in social media marketing?

Social media may be free, but as marketing on this digital platform grows more sophisticated, it also gets more expensive!

A recent report from the Social Media Marketing University found that largest expense in social media budgets is staff, accounting for 37% of costs.
So, how do they spend their time?

  1. 60%  of respondents report that content development requires the bulk of the time dedicated to social.
  2. 12% spend time on strategy development.
  3. 10% said posting the content was the biggest time investment.
  4. 8% spent time on listening and monitoring.
  5. Only 4% of employee time was spent on measuring!
Time Spent Marketing on Social Media

Time Spent Marketing on Social Media


Other interesting findings ::

  • 75%  of businesses report that the time spent on social media has increased since last year, and 55% report that social spending has also increased.
  • Nearly 70% manage four or more social profiles.
  • Top social media expenditures include internal staff compensation (37%), social advertising (18%), external staff compensation (10%) and content (7%).
  • 77% report that based on the results they’ve achieved, social media is worth the time and money invested.


About the survey ::

Social Media Marketing Universities survey was conducted April 1-15 via Survey Gizmo. 1060 small business owners, social strategists, and C-Level executives were surveyed.

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