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August 2014

The draw back of Facebook “like” farms

To marketers, Facebook “likes” are immensely valuable. So valuable in fact, that an entire industry has grown from feeding our desire for more likable content, known as “like farms”.

You can purchase 1,000 likes for as low as $50.
The same price for 5,000 Twitter followers!

Research from Pacific Standard found that purchased likes tended to roll in at once like a wave. An interesting fact the study found is that these fake liker tended to be old, and the vast majority of them turned out to be male. Conclude what you will …

How like farming works ::

The “farmers” first create a new Facebook page targeted towards a specific produce, such as smartphones, hotel get aways, or beauty products. Content may imply that it is an official page endorsed by a big retailer or manufacturer, such as Apple, Disneyland. The page will then begin to post messaging claiming to give away free vacations, products, etc to selected users.

But, in reality, no-one actually wins anything … ever! these prizes don’t exist. They are just bait to entice users to sharing the post or liking the page. By getting users to click on the like button, fake pages can accumulate thousands of followers, within a very short amount of time. When they have harvested enough, the scammers will sell the page to immoral marketers, who in turn re-purpose the page to blast out spam messages promoting their services.

Selling Facebook pages is against Facebook terms. However, there is a thriving underground market for these mature Facebook pages and the more likes it has the most it can be sold for!

As marketers, we work hard to earn likes for our hospitals, universities, and business’. Don’t let cheaters take the easy road. If you see a scam, report it.

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