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December 2014

Don’t let “viral” get in the way of good marketing

Marketers make a lot of mistakes when trying to make their messages go viral. One of them is failing to develop relationships with the people who spread their content.

For starters, you should stop applying passive descriptors like “audience,” “consumers,” or “targets,” and call the important people who share your content “multipliers.”

Stop focusing on “viral” as the goal. It’s fleeting. Someone sees a shared video, watches part of it, and the marketer never figures out who he is. The relationship ends there.

Instead, identify your multipliers. Get to know them. Encourage them to share often. You don’t need to offer financial rewards. Acknowledging them publicly, by featuring them on your website or responding to them on social, is often enough to generate engagement.

Get their email addresses so you can deepen the relationship further with truly useful updates, offers, and calls to action.


Source :: Harvard Business Review summary of “4 Mistakes Marketers Make When Trying to Go ‘Viral'” by David Spitz.

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