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December 2014

Storytelling that gets more donations

Storytelling has quickly become a popular buzzword. While everyone is telling us to “do more storytelling”, in reality very few know how to do it, and even less do it well! This article, extracted from Donor Drive social fundraising eBook, will help guide you to tell your story and how to utilize followers to do it for you.


“No more unhappy endings.”
For years philanthropic marketers proclaimed bleak statistics about disasters and the number of unfortunate people affected, in the view of making supporters feel miserable enough to give. But this approach doesnt work anymore. Today, we have to refocus attention on the solution rather than the problem. You have to tell narratives that make donors feel inspired about an institution and feel good about donating.

Working examples of best practice :: Charity Water and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

These stories help make their organizations successful and make their donors feel a part of that success. Their storytelling is about successes at fixing the problem rather than harping on the problem itself. To wrap it up: their stories have happy endings.

“So, whats your story?”

Take a step back and listen to the story you have been telling. If it is negative or pessimistic, then realign it to your mission statement and add a flavor of hope. Shorten it to the length of a tweet so your supporters can understand and share it too!

Every doctor, nurse or caregiver at your hospital think of a heart warming story about a patient that attracted a lot of attention and generated a lot of donations. Stories exist in every corner of your institution. Just listen for them. Invite parents, patients to participate. They will feel more engaged and loyal.

In essence, a nonprofit is an organization that offers services. From this simplistic view, you are no different from any other company that offers those same services. But building upon your organizations stories makes you different to your supporters. The stories they associate with you is what creates that impression of what your organization is and whether or not they support it.

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