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May 2015

Do patients remember your hospital advertisements?

Did you ever wonder if anyone looks at your hospital advertisement? A study, conducted by Health Media Network, was designed to learn how many, if any, people look and retain information about our advertisements and promotions as they walk through our hospital corridors.

90% people exposed to hospital advertisements recall at least one ad they saw during their visit!

Key findings included ::

  • 60% of all people in the hospital noticed the posters, the televisions, or both.
  • 55% noticed the televisions and 45% noticed the posters.
  • Hospital patrons spent an average of 3 hours being exposed to HMN posters and televisions.
  • Hospital patrons who noticed the televisions spent an average of 1 hour watching HMN programming and the hospital advertisements.
  • 60% were able to recall at least two advertisements and 31% were able to recall three.
  • 67% of those surveyed found the HMN poster content informative, compared with the HMN television’s 54%.

90% people who were exposed to a hospital advertisement in a healthcare facility recall at least one ad they saw during their visit!

Source :: This study was conducted by Health Media Network study

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