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May 2015

Insights into the online hospital appointment process

Before making an appointment, patients invest a lot of time and consideration into their research. According to a 2012 Google Hospital Study, 84% of patients use both online and offline sources for health information research before making an appointment.

  • 48% of patients took over 2 weeks to research before booking
  • 61% of patients visited 2, or more, hospital sites before converting

Online plays a significant role in the research process before a prospective patient makes an appointment

For those patients who converted and booked appointments, digital content is key to their decision-making. 83 percent of patients visited a hospital website before converting.

Patients investigated the above content before making an appointmentt

1 in 5 patients is now booking appointments with their doctors through non-traditional means

  • 21% of patients are now booking via computer or mobile app
  • 23% of patients are booking in person
  • 56% of patients call on phone to make an appointment with their physician

Great, I can say Online Health care process has developed a lot compared to olden days

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