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May 2015

Optimizing Press Releases for Search

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I came across some tips for gaining top visibility for press releases in both search engines and media that I thought were worth sharing. Following are excerpts from a recent session led by Meg Walker, Director of Online Marketing for PRWeb.

1. Meet audience demand

This is the first step in any successful media relations communications endeavor. Walker warns that it is critical to find the right hook. She recommends the following ::

  • Know your audience. What is media are interested in?
  • Be relevant. More than just understanding your audience, give them content that is relevant and timely.
  • Satisfy customer demand. Research popular trends in search engines and monitor the pulse of your industry. By creating content that is related to hot topics, you can create far more visibility for your releases.

2. Stay focused

What is the one thing you want your audience to feel or remember as a result of seeing your message? Writing about only one topic per release will keep keywords focused, and it will rank higher in search engines. Saying too much dilutes your message, and you run the risk that the audience will miss your key point.

3. Use images for search

Images can increase the click-through rate on releases in both regular and news search by 15 – 25%. Experts at PRWeb say they have seen releases that used 3 images generate more than 50 articles. “We also find that many people are discovering images via image search, which then draws them back not only to the release, but to the customer web sites.”

4. Use video to engage visitors

Using video in news releases can increase time on pages by up to 500%. Video content is becoming more common, but right now, the inclusion of video is still a great way to stand out.

5. Optimize your release

Walker recommends the following specific tactics:

  • Anchor text links – use 3 [homepage, product page, blog post]
  • Alt-tag – An alt tag helps your images get discovered in search engines.
  • Vanity URL – Top keywords can be used as part of the URL string.
  • Description – Add a keyword-rich and compelling description tag.
  • Title – The title of the release will become the title tag of the page, which is a vital element of your on-page optimization. If you have a target phrase, ensure your phrase leads the title of the release.
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