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May 2015

Patient satisfaction at lowest level in a decade


Patient satisfaction has fallen to its lowest point since 2008

Patient satisfaction with hospitals is currently is rated 74 or of a scale of 100.The report, published in May of 2015, tells us that satisfaction wit ambulatory care has shrunk consistently since 2008.

Recent research has shown that patient satisfaction with healthcare services has fallen to its lowest level in a decade, according to the ACSI Health Care Report.

Patient satisfaction with the healthcare graph

Demand for healthcare services is rising, with household health spending up almost 6% in 2014 – the largest since before the recession. This is probably due, in part, to the growh in the number of Americans with health insurance.

Yet, during this same period of time, the rate of growth in the healthcare workforce slowed – which may have contributed to the issues in access to care.

However, recently, the healthcare sector has been adding workers at a faster pace since mid-2014 to catch up with demand. We can hope that this may lead to higher levels of patient satisfaction in the near future.

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