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September 2015

Best 3 Brand Content Marketing Campaigns

Up to now this content has been delivered by TV commercials and static print adverts, but today brands are creating dynamic and interactive content on all the platforms we touch everyday. They share the many facets of their story with articles we read, videos we watch and sounds we listen to as part of their content marketing.

The best brands ingrain their story into our lives with great content.

How do the best brands capture ideas, inspire and create loyal brand ambassadors? Lets look at the best 3 branded content marketing campaigns and find out.

Coca-Cola Content Marketing :: UNBOTTLED

Coca-Cola has always been a leader when it comes to branded content creation. In recent years, they’re really upped the game with their online magazine, Coca-Cola Journey and campaigns such as unbottled.

Content campaign components ::

  • The site curates articles, videos, music, and graphics.
  • Content is organized in a way that allows the viewer to choose what they’re interested in and how they want to consume that content (by topic, type, or brand).
  • Personalised content is dynamically created for users, allowing a two-way interaction between the brand and its fans.

See it in action ::

Coke bottle with Nicola

GE Content Marketing :: IMAGINATION AT WORK

GE imagines things others don’t, builds things others can’t and delivers outcomes that make the world work better. GE brings together the physical and digital worlds in ways no other company can. In its labs and factories and on the ground with customers, GE is inventing the next industrial era to move, power, build and cure the world.

Content campaign components ::

  • Their interactive map navigation is really clever.
  • You can explore content by region, and they geotarget your region when you enter the site to show you the stories in your area first.
  • They let you drill down into stories by topic and by format, providing a highly flexible way to explore content.
  • Their Imagination World in Motion site does a great job of sharing those stories in an interactive and innovative way.

See it in action ::

Google Content Marketing :: THINK

Tech giant Google has been slow to get into the content marketing game. Although their “Think with Google” campaign has been around for some time, only in the last year has it really become a content powerhouse worthy of its discerning marketer audience.

Content campaign components ::

  • They share tons of original research and case studies in a digestible, interesting format.
  • They have a great website design that makes you want to stick around and read more.
  • They integrate interactive tools like calculators and maps into their content to bring it to life.
  • They have a strong social media toolkit to enhance their touchpoints with users.

See it in action ::


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