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November 2015

How logo colour affects your brand (infographic)

In the USA, and around the world, billions of dollars are spent each year to build a brand that consumers “want”.

A sometimes forgotten element in this brand building process is design. According to Harvard Business Review, the merging of brand and design is growing in importance. Look to Apple as an example. From Fortune 500 companies, such as Starbucks to personal brands, it all grows from their logo.

Font, size + shape, play a role in great brand design, but the most important element is … colour!

  • Colours create certain emotions.
  • Choosing the wrong colour can isolate your prospective consumers.
  • The colour of your logo can even affect your conversion rate!

Learn how colour influences the ways consumers view your brand ::

Colour and how it can influence your brand infographic

Source :: Colourfast Printing

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