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March 2016

Art motivating change in healthcare

There are endless numbers of academic publications connecting positive mental state with better patient outcomes. This thinking makes us believe that patients can be influenced to feel better and have a better perception of care by influencing their mental state. Corporate culture cartoonists, Gaping Void, have a vast gallery of motivating art – not just for patients, but for marketers too!

For over 20 years, medical research has demonstrated that nature scenes and soft colors calm and soothe patients. But Gaping Void, corporate cartoonists, ask this important question :: “is that the best art can do for patient in healthcare?”

Care begins here art by Gaping Void

They are on a mission to prove that there are approaches to align patients and providers to best possible outcomes by shifting their minds towards awesome. The value, as Gaping Void put it, is to empower patients to take ownership of their health. To motivate them to rehabilitate themselves through art!

Flip through the gallery to see how Gaping Void artists encourage people to be happier, more engaged and connected to the BEST possible outcomes when they are surrounded with ideas and messages that reinforce these positive beliefs.

They have created provoking collections of work and tested them in clinical environments, to ensure that they are effective. Take a moment to view the gallery of inspiring work.

Gaping Void care-in-actionGaping Void innovation-is-chemistryGaping Void here to make a dent in the universeGaping Void touch-the-heart
Gaping Void innovation_begins_hereGaping Void it's-all-about-community

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