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April 2016

Trends Shaping Healthcare Today

Healthcare has changed much in the last couple of years. While innovation is still thriving, several trends are shaping the industry. I am some informative new findings from and infographic created by Roxie Mooney and Legacy DNA Marketing Group.

Important Highlights ::

  • We have a rapidly aging population. 20% will be older than 65 by 2020!
  • Shortage of 13 million doctors + nurses across the globe
  • Cancer + diabetes will increase 50% by 2023
  • Chronic disease will increase 40% by 2023

Chronic disease will increase 40% by 2023

A new generation of physicians, the internet and use of mobile in healthcare are changing clinical landscape

Rising costs, payment reform and higher deductibles are changing healthcare

Home health aides will increase by 1.3 million by 2020

Read the full report from Legacy DNA

Legacy DNA

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