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May 2017

Snapchat Still Teens’ Favorite Source


Teens have shown to be pretty fickle in their social media preferences in recent years, but Snapchat seems to be
having some staying power, with more teens calling it their favorite social platform than Facebook or Instagram,
combined. Not only does it remain their favorite social platform, but it’s increasing its lead over its competitors, according to Piper Jaffray’s latest bi-annual survey of US teens.

Still, Instagram is as widely used as Snapchat, according to this Marketing Charts survey, although Facebook’s popularity is largely limited to older teens.

Teens’ Favorite Social Platform Is… Still Snapchat

While Instagram has stayed steady in the second spot since then, Twitter and Facebook have receded into the distance, now each the favorite network for only about 1 in 10 teens surveyed. By contrast, Snapchat has continued to build its dominance, climbing to become the favorite for an impressive 39% of teens surveyed, well ahead of Instagram (23%).

In the latest Piper Jaffray survey, teens (14-18) were as likely to say they use Instagram (79%) as to say they use Snapchat (81%), though Facebook was considerably behind (51%), with its popularity decreasing with younger respondents.

If you’re keeping count, more teens now say their favorite platform is Snapchat than do Facebook or Instagram, combined.

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