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Profile picture of Nicola ZiadyNicola Ziady an interactive marketer with over 12 years experience in building patient and physician engagement strategies and solutions for the nation’s leading healthcare institutions, most recently at Cleveland Clinic and St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

I have been invited to lead discussions and present on innovative healthcare marketing in 2-3 national meetings a year for the past 5 years, and have co-authored book chapter on the topic.

I currently serve as Assistant Vice President of Marketing at the University of Cincinnati.

Nicola Ziady
Healthcare Marketing

Brief Bio ::
– Brand management + protection
– Advertising + marketing
– Awareness + reputation management
– Health + marketing industry research
– Consumer health informatics
– Physician communications
– Patient education + engagement
All things Irish!

My most recent speaking engagement was at the American Hospital Association in DC on May 3 2015.

I currently serve on the SHSMD Digital Engagement Task Force. I contributed a chapter to “The Thought Leaders Project: Hospital Marketing” book. Copies can be purchased on Amazon.





Thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn! Love your site!

Ariel Nagales

Nicola, Great getting linked together. I think we have much in common. Where are you located?


I believe Kevin Dean spoke to you about possibly being a guest speaker at the South Bend American Market Association luncheon. Could you contact me and let me know the best way to get in touch in pretty short order? Thank you. I look forward to talking to you.

Thom Villing


Thanks for responding to my note through your website. Unfortunately when I tried to DM you through Twitter as requested, it bounced back (not following). Could you possibly call me this morning at 574-277-0215 or 574-340-0212. This is re: K.Dean & that AMA presentation.

    Nicola Ziady says:

    I apologise, I am so late in responding to your comment. I think we are all sorted for my trip. I am looking forward to meeting you, Norma and the other marketing professionals at the AMA presentation. Thank you so much for inviting me to speak. Kind regards, Nicola

“80% of hospitals did not use #Facebook discussion”
Dear Nicola, we’re planning to approach and connect with as many CIOs as possible from more than 8000 European hospitals via LinkedIn…
Our vision is to use or create one single platform to initiate, support – even maybe canalize – the exchange concerning EMR adoption in European hospitals.
This is our debate – measuring the EMR adoption and sharing the outcomes with all interested parties…
Now – your latest tweets kind of discourage me – how feasible would you estimate our approach? Just too silly or to big?
I’d be keen to see your perspective on this…

Madhur Jadala says:

Hi Nicola,
Thanks for connecting. I love how your website is done. I also learn a lot from your very informative tweets – undoubtedly the product of good research.

Hi Nicola,

Would like to connect on LI but unfortunately couldn’t get thru.
Would be grateful if you could either invite or send be your email for me to connect.
My email is
The online marketing is missing in India and would need to grow that platform and would like to discuss and brainstorm on that.


Jill Watson says:

Hello Nicola!

I love your work and have lots of questions. How can I get in touch with you? Would you send me an email with your contact info.?



Jill Watson says:

Er, my email address is 🙂

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