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September 2014

Is your hospital website losing you valuable revenue?

Today, 8 out of 10 health consumers are visiting hospital websites. But up to 90% end up going somewhere else without making an appointment.
Can your hospital afford this?

Public data shows that an increasing number of healthcare consumers have high expectations regarding the presence, timeliness, convenience and access to specialists. On the other side, hospitals are losing valuable revenue by failing to implement convenient usability features to optimize the online experience for an increasingly tech-savvy, internet-oriented patient.

Hospital’s that have just 10 website visitors a day, can lose up to $34,000 of annual patient revenue opportunity per day.

Based on a report by InQuicker

Based on a report by InQuicker


Patients are turning to online healthcare access but with poor results

Research from InQuicker found that 83% of consumers are visiting hospital websites before converting into patients, while 70% of Internet consumers routinely abandon brand name retail websites because they cannot find what they need.

A article published in the Journal of Healthcare Management states that hospital websites must be re-engineered to serve a changing audience with heightened expectations. Most hospital websites “read like brochures” by a bad marketing division rather than  facilitating business goals.

Hospital sites, like Cleveland Clinic, highlight appointment access and online chat features for questions prospective consumers may have before converting to be a patient.

Hospital sites, like Cleveland Clinic, highlight appointment access and online chat to prospective consumers.

Adoption of conversion functionality, online scheduling and ER wait times, have show the following ROI ::

  • 200% increase in online patient conversions
  • Boost in patient revenue and profits for providers
  • 25-35% increase in net new commercial care payor mix
  • 90% patient satisfaction for better reimbursements
  • Lower ER readmission, Left Without Being Seen, and length of stay rates

Isnt it worth the effort?


Interesting statistics. Look forward to reading the authors study.

Do you think hospitals are actively looking for scheduling solutions then? I know just from my work in online scheduling that it can increase conversions from website traffic but feel like hospitals are resisting the move online. Our software is HIPAA compliant but getting an entire hospital setup to take appointments online is no small feat.

There’s some basic functionality and consistently updated content that should be on a hospital website, but even more important in terms of discoverability and engagement with patients are the hospital’s social media outposts — blogs, FB groups, G+, etc., can be used to connect more effectively with patients and link directly to key pages on the hospital website. Even if someone is searching for the hospital by name, having multiple “front doors” can only help.

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